April 5, 2020



The end of the first World War: in Campania it was born the first shoemaker tanks to Antonio and Raffaele


Their nephew, Luigi Ferrante, lover of new techniques founded the first factory based on full cycle. It was born a new brand: “Lord Brummel” specialized in handmade classic shoes for men. Following the Second World war the difficulty of finding the leather represents, for the Company, a new opportunity to make shoes with new material such as reptile and chameleon


Luigi’s sons, Domenico, Ferdinando and Antonio, lead the company to the foreign markets and an international level such as the firm “Saxone”.


The brand “F.lli Ferrante” emerges onto the markets


“F.lli Ferrante” presents at Pitti Uomo, in Florence, the new footwear collection called stilnovo, using fine screen-printed calf leather with raws and innovative colors.For this reason the magazine Esquire and Derby combines their models to lace-up shoes of Vincent Van Gogh underlining its artistic appearance.


The echo around the production attracts the international press that contributes to the penetration of the Company onto foreign markets such as Germany, Austria , Switzerland, France , England, Australia and the United States.


It was born ECOALWAYS project and the Company completes the cycle of research on techniques and materials aimed , in addition to the aesthetic aspect , the use of non-polluting products , start a production of biodegradable footwear and air-conditioned , using vegetable leathers, certified by C.N.R..


The creativity leads to launch of Boat “antiscippo” anti- theft shoes which has in itself a real and your wallet hidden . Unique and highly successful.


The youngest generation of the family Ferrante , deals to the company , bringing a decisive contribution to the international growth of the brand. Salvatore and Luigi , the sons of Fernando Ferrante , became part of the company’s management.


The birth of the first showroom in the heart of Naples, in Via Calabritto. Also the Arabian and Asiatic markets open the doors to the prestige and the tradition. Ferrante brand is present in the best boutiques in Japan, Tokyo (just to give an example).


The project takes shape long taught by Ferrante family and well summarized by the launch of Ferrante 1875 brand that sees the happy synergy between the Neapolitan tradition, innovation and research.


Opens a new store in via Calabritto n.19/BIS, this time facing the road, and a new big success glimpsed once again for the Ferrante family, the “Artists” of men’s footwear.